Forest Jobs bill needs to be passed, and soon

Montana Standard
Bill Hallinan
Sunday, November 13, 2011

It is heartening to see the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act move forward as part of the Interior Appropriations bill. I hope the Senate and House of Representatives act with courage and conviction and pass this timely piece of legislation.

Count me in Dale Bosworth’s camp as one who would like to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of Senator Tester to this long overdue solution to the stalemate and inaction that has plagued Montana for too many decades, way too many!

His collaborative bill protects what needs to be protected, continues access where we scout, fish and hike, and creates jobs while doing it.

I cannot imagine living here without being able to take my kids, and now my grandchild, out to camp and scout in places like West Big Hole and the East Pioneers. It’s vital that this legislation becomes law so we can ensure these Montana traditions will be passed down to our grandchildren and theirs.

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